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At Hogan’s Jif-E Lube, we understand that our service today is our reputation tomorrow. That’s why we offer outstanding customer service and expert skill to meet all of your vehicle maintenance needs.


Highest Quality Products

Car Products

At Hogan’s Jif-E Lube, we use only the highest quality motor oil products and filters. Along with a number of synthetic blend and high mileage options, we stock brand name oil, including Pennzoil, Quaker State, Valvoline, Castrol, Motorcraft, Mobil, Mobil1, Dexos approved oil, Mystic, Rotella, Havoline, Trop Artic, Lucas Oil and Fuel Additives.


We also carry a wide selection of INTERSTATE batteries and wiper blades. Call us today for more information about the top quality auto products available in our Ardmore shop.


Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are essential to keeping your vehicle’s engine running at an optimal performance level. To extend the life of any vehicle, Hogan’s Jif-E Lube offers the “Special,” a superior oil change service that includes:

  • Oil and Filter Change

  • Tire Check

  • Washer Fluid Fill

  • Air Filter Check

  • Undercarriage Inspection

  • Transmission Fluid Check

  • Brake and Power Steering Fluid Top Off

  • Anti-Freeze Checks by Request

If needed, our expert auto technicians will also provide the following:

  • Rear Differential, Transfer Case, and Front Differential Checks

  • Full Grease Job

  • Battery Corrosion Treatment

Transmission Services

Cleaning and replacing the transmission fluid helps ensure your transmission operates at top levels. At Hogan’s Jif-E Lube, we offer the following services to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your auto:

  • Manual Transmission Fluid Changes

  • Front/Rear Differential Fluid Changes

  • Transfer Case Fluid Changes

  • Transmission Flushes

Car parts

During a fluid and filter change, we drop the transmission pan, replace the gasket and filter, and refill the transmission with new fluid.


For a transmission flush, we use your vehicle’s own transmission pump, allowing us to determine how much pressure the transmission is generating.


Wiper Blade Removal and Installation

When you purchase wiper blades at Hogan’s Jif-E Lube, we will remove and dispose of your old blades and install the new ones at no extra charge. Don’t know if you need new blades? Ask any of our staff, and we’ll let you know!


Other Services

Hogan’s Jif-E Lube also offers the following services and treatments to guarantee peak auto performance for years to come:

  • Injector Cleaner Treatment

  • Load Test and Battery Replacement

  • RainX Window Treatment

  • Air Filter Installation

  • Cabin Air Filter Installation

  • Fuel Filter Change

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621 W. Broadway St., Ardmore, Oklahoma 73401 | Tel: 580-223-2983

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